cLINICAL Sites Gallery

Learn more about the SPARX3 clinical sites teams. View our SPARX3 sites gallery.

University of Alberta

Cleveland Clinic

Iowa State University

Top Row (left to right):

Brandon Brockshus, Exercise Interventionist

Dr. Warren Franke, Exercise Physiologist (VO2 tests)

Cailie Logue, Research Assistant

Kasandra Diaz, Research Assistant


Second Row (left to right):

Jessy Brown, Study Coordinator

Dr. David Moore, Neurologist

Hector Angus, Research Technician

Sharon Sheridan, DaTscan Technician


Third Row:

Dr. Elizabeth Stegemoller, Site PI

Dr. Seldon Spencer, Neurologist

Neuro Motor Lab

Oregon Health & Science University

Washington University in St. Louis

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